The other day I was in Arenal. It has a lovely beach and it could be a fantastic resort. It was about five o'clock. From a third floor apartment along the promenade a group of young Germans, clearly under the influence, were shouting and singing. Another group of tourists had purchased a loud hailer with siren and all were clearly having a fantastic time on the beach. Along the promenade, youngsters, most of whom looked under the age of 18, were sipping alcohol from cans and glass bottles. The main road along the promenade looked like a race track with every sort of motorised scooter on the planet riding up and down. There were street sellers everywhere, hair extension "stylists" on every corner, and the few people on the beach were constantly being asked if they wanted a massage.

According to council guideliness (the famous crackdown campaigns), all this which I have outlined above is meant to be illegal and outlawed. So why is it allowed to take place? I do not want to be a killjoy. When people are on holiday they want to have a good time, but what I saw in Arenal was rather over the top, so much so that I can't see many families going on holiday to the resort which has the most hotels on the island.

What should be done? Should Arenal be left as the party resort, where everything goes, or should something be done? I am inclined to think that the party resort idea is the one in favour because no one is doing anything.