You would have thought that people who live in a big city with more people, more cars and more stress wouldn't be as polite as their fellow citizens in smaller cities or towns. But this is not the case in Madrid. I have never met a more friendly person than your average Madrileño. Nothing is too much trouble. The cab drivers are great ambassadors for their city. A cab from Madrid airport to the centre costs less than the same journey in Palma. Shop staff are also polite and more than willing to help you, whatever you are spending.

We have received numerous complaints from readers over the years over poor service in Palma from shop staff. Personally, I have never found this to be the case but I would never disagree with Bulletin readers, so I would urge some local shop owners to send some of their staff on a training course to Madrid.

The Spanish capital is a wonderful place with plenty to see and do. It also attracts a fair number of tourists, probably over the year more than Majorca, but the greeting is warm. There are lessons that Majorca could learn from Madrid. Things appear to be better organised. As a large number of people were at the event I was attending at the residence of the British ambassador, the local radio taxi service provided a member of staff to manage the whole taxi operation. It worked like clockwork ensuring that no one had to wait too long and the whole situation was under control.