It's become a rather tedious issue. Every time the winter or summer sales start, be they slightly later or earlier than the previous year, the small to medium-sized retailers complain about unfair competition and playing into the hands of the large commercial chains and department stores. It’s called business and things are not exactly booming on high streets across Europe right now.

But apart from that, since the free market was introduced in Spain, retailers, especially clothing outlets, offer discounts and bargains all year round. Years ago, retailers were only permitted to hold two sales periods per year, summer and winter, and strict dates were set and had to be complied with. Not any more, it’s bargains galore and all year round, which is not only beneficial for local consumers but also tourists who come out of season.

So, on that basis, there should be more cash flowing on and off the high street. Perhaps a bit more of an effort should be made to entice visitors into the smaller outlets. That said, Palma councils have mounted numerous campaigns to help small shopkeepers over the years but they cannot force people into buying items. There are numerous market forces, fashion, personal wealth and a need for new clothes, for example - plus you need to like shopping, I hate it. I shop for what I need and when, hiking round the sales is not my idea of fun and I am sure I am not the only one.

Competition is healthy, take the big boys on then, stop whingeing.