The last time I went to Norfolk on holiday back in the late 1990s, Real Mallorca were promoted to the Spanish First Division. So if Mallorca get relegated again I know what to do!! I was actually away for that epic night at the Son Moix when Mallorca were promoted but obviously I was keeping track of the result. To say I was pleased was an understatement and I enjoyed a “swift half” with a group of Norwich City supporters who were celebrating their return to the Premier League.

When I returned to Majorca last Saturday you could tell Mallorca had been promoted. There were more people wearing Real Mallorca shirts and the Real Mallorca training ground at Son Bibiloni was packed on Sunday.

I am looking forward to seeing our very own Real Mallorca correspondent Monro Bryce, who I am told is still celebrating. Good for you Monro, you have stuck with your team thick and thin for many years! Real Mallorca in the first division is a real step in the right direction and I sincerely hope that the hundreds of “new” fans who are now supporting Mallorca stay with the club through the good times and the hard times, just as Monro and the other diehard Mallorca fans have done. Some of the best teams in Europe will now be coming our way which is fantastic news.

This island deserves to have their team in the first division but staying up will not be easy. The foundations for something very special have been built. Well done Mallorca and well done to the fans.