Do you know the problem with Majorca in the summer? There are just too many tourists.

I have heard this being said by local residents on more occasions than I can count over the last five years. To some extent they are right but we can´t really moan, because it is our livelihood. All those who have been complaining about too many tourists are set for an ideal summer this year because local hoteliers say that reservations are down by 30 percent for July and August.

To be honest, and I say this with a heavy heart, perhaps Majorca needs a poor holiday season to awaken those who are moaning about the facts of life; without tourism we are nothing and we should be welcoming all holidaymakers with opened arms. The warning signs have been there for months; other competing resorts are cheaper and “safe” again. But after years of successive good holiday seasons no one really believes that tourists will not come to the island in record numbers.

But this year could just be the exception. I think the tourist industry needs a reset; the local ministry for tourism needs to have a long hard ponder about the tourist tax and senseless legislation such as the banning of apartment holiday lets in Palma. Now, is not the time. Our principal industry is in trouble.

Those who complain about too many tourists will just say that fewer tourists is good and we should be looking at ways to attract the big spenders rather than package holidaymakers. Majorca needs all. The industry caters for everyone. I sincerely hope that there isn´t a big fall but if there is then it could have some advantages.