Dear Sir,

I read with interest Jason Moore’s comments in Viewpoint yesterday.

I don’t think many people would disagree with your headline “Britain should not even consider leaving the European Union without a deal.

The big problem is, the European Union will not give the UK a deal. Ever since David Cameron’s (unsuccessful) attempt to make minor changes to our relationship with the EU, the ‘shutters’ have been down. It’s either their way or no way.

Teresa May failed to get a deal which gave the UK the independence that the referendum the people voted on. The EU seems bent on punishing the UK for the audacity of leaving the club.

We have now been backed into the corner of no deal. Unless, minor changes are made to the back stop, we will be forced to leave without a deal, damaging both the UK and EU.

The truth of the matter is, there is only one deal on the table and that’s the EU’s version.

Sadly, as a remainer and now a leaver, I feel we have no choice in the matter and the president government are right to take us out of the Franco/German led club.

Let’s just get on with it.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Cliff
Cala d’Or