Caretaker prime ministers are a bit like caretaker football managers, they don’t last and if Pedro Sanchez fails to listen to the advice from the king, never mind the people who voted for him and other left wing parties, his days could be number as well.

“Distrust” is his excuse for not forming coalition government with Podemos, comments like that are hardly going to help ease the friction between him and Podemos.

Spain’s political system, which was based on two major parties - the right-wing Partido Popular (PP) and Sanchez’s PSOE, collapsed after the 2008-2014 economic crisis, forcing the parties to seek support from the smaller parties that gained popularity in order to form minority governments.

As a result of the economic crisis, the presence of new parties such as Podemos and the C’s have caused the PP and PSOE to lose votes. Since 2015, no party has been able to gain the majority necessary to form a government, which led the country to hold three general elections in four years and a fourth in November looks even more likely.

The king has told Sanchez that he does not want another election, oddly enough neither does Sanchez, he said it would not be fair on the general public. So what’s he going to do about it? Until he realises the full implications of his dithering and stops throwing his weight around, the country will be asked again and if they are, they may make him pay.