Ref. Humphrey carter 'The price of Boris'

I am afraid you totaly miss the point. What you are seeing now is 100% the fault of the members of parliment not respecting democracy.

'You cannot choose what votes you wish to respect. From a resident here who is affected by the pound as well.

Having lived and work here 43 years before the disaster of the EU.

I think I have a much better view than most.

Michael Everett

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James noel / Hace over 2 years

Dear Sir

At last an admission that the superb roads system you have in Mallorca has been financed by the E.U , one of the main contributors to the E,U is the United Kingdom , may i suggest to your correspondent he or she has a closer look at the shambles our roads are in pot holed ridden etc , no money is the call , it all doesn't make sense .


MelB / Hace over 2 years

Well said Michael Everett. Many today seem oblivious to the fact that we are losing( or should I say have lost) our democracy and our freedom of speech.


John / Hace over 2 years

Dear Michael, I think it is you who have missed the point. Had we left the EU on March 29th it would have been with no deal, a hard Brexit. The pound would have already sunk to current levels or even lower and chaos and uncertainty would already be here. Having been on the island since seventies you will doubtless remember the state of the roads in those days. The roads you drive upon nowadays were paid for in the main by the EU, and if you have an accident the hospital you are treated at will probably be a recipient of EU funding. My view comes from a time when singing Cara al Sol was most definitely not illegal, ie the days of Franco.

John Little