When I finally crashed into bed last Sunday night, it suddenly dawned on me how lucky I am to live in Palma, never mind the rest of the island.

There are not many capital cities in Europe which, apart from the wonderful weather, are just 15 minutes drive from pristine beaches with clear blue water such as in Illetas.

And, after part of the day cooling down off the rocks in Illetas, it was then time to slip past King Felipe who was having a private dinner in a Palma seafood restaurant in La Lonja, to the Parc de la Mar and watch the Greatest Showman at the open air cinema for free with the Cathedral as a back drop.

It was lovely summer evening and the Parc de la Mar was packed and not an illegal street trader in sight.

What is more, as we sat at the bar watching the film, we were surrounded by a mixture of locals and holidaymakers, what a great experience, a bonus, for visitors, to find out that there are blockbuster films being screened in English for free in front of the city’s greatest monument.

Perhaps, those of us who live and work in Palma, and I include politicians and councillors, take the city for granted because there are a number of aspects, such as the illegal street traders, the swarms of cruise passengers, a questionable municipal cleaning service and electric scooters which need to be dealt with as quickly.

Palma is a Mediterranean jewel.