If Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, had shown the same vigour as he is doing now to stop a “No deal Brexit” then Brexit may not have happened in the first place. Corbyn didn´t really get involved in the Brexit referendum campaign electing to stay on the sidelines.

It was a two way fight between old Etonians, David Cameron (remain) and Boris Johnson (leave). The “Remain” camp appeared unable to bring together the main parties whose leadership were all supporting Remain. But Corbyn, sensing that the keys to Number 10 could be in his grasp, has brought together a “No Deal coalition...” which consists of everyone apart from the Tories, the DUP and of course the Brexit Party.

Officials on both sides must be crunching on the numbers to see if they have enough support to win or survive a no confidence vote. It will certainly be close. Corbyn wants to form a transition government which will lead to a general election and possibly a second referendum on European Union membership.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made it clear that Britain will be leaving the European Union on October 31 with or without a deal.

Despite all the rhetoric the chances of Britain reaching a new deal in such a short time frame are slim to say the least. French President Emmanuel Macron said as much last week.

What is true is that things are moving forward quite rapidly and it could be said that progress is being made; either to stop a no deal or to leave.

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Brexit will come down to the line.