Britain and Spain could both be holding general elections within weeks of each other and also at critical time; Britain will have allegedly just left the European Union.

There is speculation that Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez will call an election for the end of October and there is growing speculation that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will call an election for the middle of November. Interestingly enough both Prime Ministers have the similar message; back me or sack me.

Sanchez won the last general election in Spain but failed to secure an overall majority. He has been in- capable of building a coalition government so there is speculation that he will go to the ballot box again, hoping that he will secure a majority. He is riding high in the polls and will almost certainly win but will it be enough? In Britain, the issue is more complicated and the stakes are higher.

There is a belief that Johnson will take Britain out of the European Union in October, probably without a deal, and then call an election. The Conservatives are well ahead in the polls and basically it will be a contest between the Brexiteers and the Remainers.

If Johnson wins he will have a clear mandate to govern, if he loses and he will then have little option but to step down and it will be back to square one.

He is playing a high stakes game of poker and his ace is the fact that Jeremy Corbyn, is probably one of the poorest Labour leaders on record. Interesting times in both countries.