Whatever your views on Brexit, the last three years in Britain have been a rather sad affair and I suspect that once the matter is finally dealt with, Britain will be a different place.

To be honest I just wish that former Prime Minister David Cameron had never called the referendum in the first place because the issue has effectively split Britain right down the middle; worst scare scenario: Britain leaves the European Union but Scotland and Northern Ireland leave the Union.

I can understand why people voted to leave and I do appreciate that the European Union is an issue which has always caused controversy in Britain (I remember my parents still discussing how they voted in the last referendum over the Common Market). But the main issue at the moment is how does Britain overcome the Brexit mess, avoid recession and keep the union as it is.

I think retaining the union is one of the biggest challenges faced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and also bringing the country together if and when Britain ever leaves the European Union.

Johnson made a bold gamble this week by reducing the time parliament has to debate Brexit; it could be described as undemocratic but some form of action was needed to break the deadlock in parliament.

Was it the right move? Well, time will tell. But the last three years haven´t shown Britain in its best light and I do worry that Britain doesn´t have a proper plan when and if it leaves the European Union.

What is happening today will affect the generations of tomorrow. Let us just hope that British politicians get it right.

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Alistair / Hace over 2 years

I say to Biel, you are so wrong, Scotland pay their way like Welsh and Irish, however I personally am not a nationalist, the current situation is all down to the downward spiral of the Labour Party with no sign of ditching Corbyn. I must say though that rants like yours does our situation no good. Sturgeon only appeals to those who contribute nothing to the country's pot, the scroungers. If Scotland becomes Indy I am off elsewhere!!!


STAN / Hace over 2 years

Biel Sturgeon the Surgeon will soon cut Scotland off from England. The Scottish Pound will become their new Euro, or be replaced by the Euro.


James / Hace over 2 years

Why do I get the feeling that somewhere down the road - maybe not that far, either - The Republic Of Ireland will consist of 32 Counties.


Biel / Hace over 2 years

As far as I am concerned Scotland can’t leave the union soon enough. They spend billions more than they earn (subsidised by the English tax payers) their so called huge wealth in oil is basically worthless and if they think Westminster is bad, I wish them good luck with the Brussels equivalent. Pan, fire, comes to mind.


Tom / Hace over 2 years

The question you should be asking is does the EU have a proper plan if and when the U.K. leave. The U.K.’s economy is the equivalent to that of the smallest NINETEEN nations in the EU, and it contributes 15 BILLION euros to help upkeep the organisation. Me thinks a LOT of belt tightening will have to occur after we leave. Maybe we will see Euro MP’s flying tourist and sharing their chofer driven top en Mercedes, but somehow I doubt it.


S.O. / Hace over 2 years

Yes, where is David Cameron in the middle of all this mess he created?