Prime Minister Boris Johnson is desperate to hold an election but if the polling by his own party is to be believed, the Conservatives will fall well short of a majority. Infact, Johnson will secure fewer seats that his predecessor, Theresa May who also failed to secure a majority.

So what is the plan Boris? There is also the possibility that Labour, the Scottish and Welsh nationalists and the Liberal Democrats could form a coalition, which would place Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in Number 10.

I would say that the Conservatives will face a big backlash in the next election; they made Brexit their keynote policy but have still not delivered. Their leader appears to go from one crisis to the next without resolving any of them and the party appears more divided than ever. The Conservatives have made a big mistake by just campaigning on a single policy, Brexit.

Johnson has done his best to focus on other issues such as more police and greater public funding but like his predecessor Theresa May he is a single ticket Prime Minister. Does he feel that if he delivers Brexit he will have the necessary support to win a majority? Well, he would be mistaken. Johnson and the Conservatives have backed themselves into a corner with an ill-conceieved plan for Brexit which has not only split the party it has also split the country even further.

And if Johnson doesn´t deliver Brexit on October 31 he will have to resign. He made the promise and he has to keep it.