Like everyone else I have suffered with the shortage of taxis in Palma this summer. I have been forced to wait for an hour on numerous occasions. Now the average Palma resident blames the cruise ships, not the fact that whole taxi network in the city could be better organised.

I would say that at least 50 percent of all Palma cabs are stationed at the airport at any one time. Cabbies have decided that it is better to wait for hours at the airport than driving around Palma. This is obviously their decision but I believe that the city council should put a limit on the cabs which are allowed to wait at the airport, afterall they do provide a public service. The associations of taxi drivers are never going to allow an increase in the number of cabs in the city during the summer months. You can see their point. During the summer months is when cabbies earn most of their income and obviously they have to survive during the winter.

Taxis from other municipalities, under certain circumstances, should be allowed to pick up in Palma, if city cabs are busy, especially during the summer months. This would ensure that the necessary public service requirements are being followed and there would be no more long queues.

And finally if the local authorities want Palma to be a major cruise line centre they should ensure that it is prepared for this large task. It is no good welcoming a mega-cruise ship to the city if there are not enough taxis in the city.


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Henry / Hace over 2 years

Live here and took a cruise from Palma around the med. The only port that was inefficient for taxis was Palma. We came off the boat to leave and also many guests left at Palma as they were staying a further week on the island. No taxis at the rank - ridiculous. Everywhere we went in Italy everything was organised to aid a wonderful holiday experience, plenty of taxis and welcome tourist representatives, with maps of the city talking in many languages etc - this did not happen in Palma at all. Personally if I did not live on the island I would not have considered a return visit. Although after the cruise I have already returned to three of the destinations the boat docked in, as they welcomed us and the areas were beautiful and required further investigation.

The taxi system here on the island is antiquated. Not ECO friendly at all also - eg. ridiculous in this era of pollution and congestion - a taxi leaving the airport for Magalluf, cannot return with its taxi full. ABSOLUTELY UNION MADNESS.

We need UBER - to make the taxi systems here "Pull there socks up and think out of the box to improve the service" no wonder residents have loads of cars per family, leading to dreadful congestion on the roads, which again everyone blames on tourism. But this summer the Via Cintura was always empty and free flowing in August. Which shows that we are too many residents.

The Public services buses are not offering substantial number of journeys and regularity - so persons are forced into their own cars. Not enough SPEED Buses directly into Palma - none to get around the VIA CINTURA from one end to the other quickly except now the Airport bus - but that is also too infrequent.


OSN / Hace over 2 years

Allowing Uber here would sharpen up their service overnight.


Stuart Mead / Hace over 2 years

What’s wrong with getting the bus? Plenty around and you don’t have to wait an hour for them.


James / Hace over 2 years

The problem is not specific to Palma. Calvia has the same issue. I suspect it's an island wide issue. Better public transport and more taxi options are needed.