The assumption was that little or nothing would change for British residents in Spain after Brexit. Infact, the Spanish government even signed a royal decree which stated as much. But, Britain appears to have been dragging its feet.

A similar sort of agreement has not been signed by Britain protecting the rights of Spanish citizens in Britain, and Spain is concerned. So much so that they have raised the issue with the British government and have even threatened to scrap the decree if Britain doesn´t act fast. So yet more uncertainty over Brexit. In the long term I see few problems for British citizens in Spain or Spanish citizens in Britain but it is the short-term that concerns me.

If Britain leaves the European Union on October 31 there is no Spanish government in place (Spain is preparing for the general election) so rushing through legislation will be a problem. I can´t understand why Britain has been so slow in guaranteeing the rights of European Union citizens living in Spain. Apart from the fact that they have made Britain their home they are needed in the workplace.

This whole state of affairs just adds another dimension to the whole Brexit mess and the sooner the whole situation is sorted out, the better. The 300,000 Britons living in Spain are going to face an anxious time in the run-up to Britain´s exit from the European Union. Spanish citizens living in Britain will be feeling likewise. Action is needed.