Walk around Palma at your peril! I have never considered Palma a dangerous city; crime is low and the welcome is warm. But there is a new menace; the bicycle and the motoristed scooter. Now, most cyclists and scooters riders are law abiding but a small minority are giving them a bad name.

The Calle Olmos, which leads down into the centre of Palma, has become a speedway track for some of our two-wheeled and three -wheeled friends. I watched in horror the other night as a cyclist dodged between pedestrians at speed; one wrong move and he would have seriously injured a pedestrian. Luckily, he was going uphill rather than downhill and his speed was kept to a minimum. But I have also seen cyclists going the other way (downhill) and it is amazing that no one has been hurt. When are the police going to take action?

There are cycle paths across Palma that are hardly used, with some cyclists preferring to use the pavement. Pedestrians are being put at risk. If a child was hit by one of these fast moving cyclists or scooter riders serious injury would be inflicted. The problem is even more pronounced during the summer months when the streets of the city are crowded. I also feel sorry for the law abiding cyclists and scooter riders.

I suspect that sooner or later some sort of ban will be introduced by the local authorities because of the antics of a minority. Those who ride dangerously should be told that they are out of line.


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Georgi / Hace over 2 years

After reading articles like this one is left wondering why accidents occur rarely if ever. The city needs to improve its cycling infrastructure as Noone prefers to ride amongst people is there is safer more convinient option. Yet few years ago the cycling paths on the main streets were removed to serve someone's agenda.


osn / Hace over 2 years

There are bad apples for sure, but cycling, scooters, electric or otherwise, represent a desirable future for urban transport, as opposed to the car. They need to be provided for with proper segregated routes and secure parking. Palma would be a better and safer place. But by all means lob the book at those who ride thoughtlessly and dangerously.


Stuart Mead / Hace over 2 years

Its the same in London. They ride on pavements go through red lights and blame everyone but themselves for their mistakes. Nor do they use the cycle lanes put there for them. They are an absolute menace.