The money raised through the controversial tourist tax was allegedly going to be spent on improving holiday resorts and easing the environmental footprint left by decades of mass tourism to the island. I didn’t think it was a bad idea.

Now, however, the cash is being destined for many other projects including helping hoteliers who have been hit by the collapse of Thomas Cook. I agree with Mes, the Majorcan nationalists, who say that tourist tax cash should be kept back for its original use.

Now, I know that hoteliers have been hit hard but they are already getting some financial help from the central government. This money which the government plans to give hoteliers is the tax money from Thomas Cook clients. Wouldn’t it be a nice idea if this money was returned to the tourists, many of whom, probably suffered from the collapse of the tour firm. You can imagine the scene; you are enjoying your break on the island and then you discover that you might have problems returning home because your tour firm has failed. This would have been a lovely gesture and probably would have ensured that Thomas Cook clients stayed loyal to the Balearics.

I realise that hundreds of jobs have been lost locally as a result of the failure of Thomas Cook but state cash shouldn´t be used to help private companies. Once you start you will never end. Every company in the Balearics which has financial problems will be asking for some additional government funding.


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Ricky / Hace over 2 years

Smac, you obviously don’t know the island well. If you think the greedy hoteliers will pass on anything to their poor staff you are living in dreamland. Also these are the same hoteliers who have been kicking out clients with babies. I could go on a major rant here but these facts are enough.


Biel / Hace over 2 years

Ask the local bar to have it delivered together with the Ultima Hora


Arthur Hamilton / Hace over 2 years

Why can I not buy the Majorca bulletin in cala bona nobody seems to sell it


Smac / Hace over 2 years

So how will you make a living without hotels. As you said hundreds of jobs have been lost. The tourist tax given to the hotels might pay some wages for a little bit longer. The Thomas Cook tourists are covered by Atol and credit card companies. Wake up and smell the coffee, Mallorca needs tourism, love it or hate it. No hotels, no jobs, no tourist tax. Think about it.


Malcolm Smith / Hace over 2 years

I will readily accept that I know nothing about Majorcan law, but I have always believed that tourist tax is only paid for the nights spent in a hotel, therefore tourists should receive a refund for the nights they have not used if their holiday is cut short.