The Fair in Alcudia

There have been numerous complaints about noise from the fair in Alcudia.

06-10-2019CURRO VIERA

When asked if they had enjoyed their trip to the Alcudia Fair last Saturday, a German couple of my acquaintance didn’t exactly reply positively. Yes, the fair was good, but it was oh so noisy. I have heard similar complaints since. The noise to which they were referring was coming from the fairground, the rides and what have you.

The town hall had in fact sent a letter to operators of attractions to keep the noise down. It had been asked to do this by a group of families with autistic children. The lowering of the volume was, however, only meant to have been between midday and one o’clock and from 6pm to 7pm on both the Saturday and the Sunday. Perhaps the town hall will need to consider greater restrictions in the future.


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Ian Woolley / Hace over 2 years

Noisy fiestas are a part of Spanish life, we need to remember that we are visitors to their country. Was we often say back in the U.K. those foreigners coming to our country need to adapt to to the British way. Those of us living here should remember that should adapt to Spanish culture then wi live in their country. By the end of the month we may not even be Europeans.


Yogi / Hace over 2 years

The fairground? Not much of a problem The loud music, however didn't finish until 4am!