Another Brexit delay, yet more uncertainty. Almost 40 months after the Brexit referendum and still Britain is a member of the European Union and there is no deal in sight, or so it appears. It looks as if the British parliament will never agree on a deal so perhaps the time has come for some bold action.

Perhaps the time has come for a new referendum asking the British public if they want a complete withdrawal from the European Union or they want to remain part of the European Union´s Customs Union or other treaties. The initial referendum only asked whether Britain should leave the European Union. The British public should be given two options: in but out of the European Union Customs or out completely. Then at least Members of Parliament would know what sort of Brexit the British public want.

After three years of negotiations it is obvious that the single Leave or Stay question was not enough. Also, a new referendum might even deliver the political will to deliver Brexit which is sadly missing at the moment.

I think it is quite obvious that no one thought that the whole Brexit process would be so difficult and there would have been so many issues to take into account from Northern Ireland to tarrifs and taxes.

The British public deserve better and Britain can´t continue to remain in this Brexit nightmare. Decisive action needs to be taken sooner rather than later because there is a possibility that Brexit could last for years.


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Arthur / Hace over 2 years

@ Winston, I very much doubt it. If so, he, or she, would have called themselves Large.


Winston / Hace over 2 years

@ Arthur, I wonder if Mr Little is Jo Swinson in disguise.


Arthur / Hace over 2 years

@ Bert Jones. Don’t you mean tired and emotional ?. What Mr Little really seems to want is a new dictatorship and not a new government. Maybe he has been reading too much about Franco lately.


alec Poole / Hace over 2 years

Unfortunately. The UK politicians, despite declaring that they only want what's best for Britain, only have their own careers and pursuit of power in mind. Any deal with the EU has to be worse than what we have at the moment. The EU can't let us be better off. So. Trying to force us to leave with some sort of deal is only condemning us to be worse off. Leaving without a deal is not, by the way, the end of the story. We would then be in a position to start negotiations about trade etc. that would benefit all parties. A no deal Brexit seems to be the best card we can play.


Bert Jones / Hace over 2 years

Sorry Mr Little, but I couldn’t make head or tail of your comment. You seem to be tired and confused.


John Little / Hace over 2 years

So we have to change our politicians. How do we do that. A General Election.It could end up another complete mishmash with no obvious overall direction, in which case there has to be a coalition government. Hopefully a government with a clear direction will imerge. If so then it must act immediately. All the above must cancel out the first vote. Its gone, they couldnt make it work. New day, new government governing a new country, both socially and politically.


osn / Hace over 2 years

You say that the UK parliament will never agree on a bill, but they did exactly that two days ago. Johnson's deal was passed, but the aggressive timetable to pass it wasn't. It is progress of sorts, and there is absolutely zero chance of the EU allowing membership, with an opt out of freedom of movement, removal of control by the ECJ AND outside the customs union, if you opt out of all of that, there isn't very much left to be a part of.


James Noel / Hace over 2 years

The question on the ballot paper was in our out the out vote won no ifs or buts it ain't difficult, it was up to our politicians to give us a deal based around that vote 3 years later they have failed miserably.