The new BBC series, The Mallorca Files, couldn’t come at a better time for the Balearics. I am told that the ten part series shows the islands in a fantastic light eventhough the subject matter is based around crime on the island!

But if The Mallorca Files can do what Bergerac did for Jersey then the islands are going to get some priceless promotion at a time when most Britons are thinking about their holiday in the sun.

The premiere also comes just weeks after a major promotion drive for the islands in the British capital so for a few weeks Majorca is going to be the buzz word. There is even better news for the Balearics because a second series of Mallorca Files is to be made shortly. I would urge the Balearics to use The Mallorca Files as much as possible in their promotional drives.

The number of TV productions which are being made on the island is continuing to grow which is fantastic news. At the moment the Balearic tourist industry needs as much help as it can get as it faces stiff competition from competing resorts in eastern Turkey and north Africa. With the winds of recession blowing through Europe some British tourists could opt for cheaper alternatives.

The local authorities have increased their promotion budgets which is also good news. The lovely thing about The Mallorca Files it is that it is publicity which is totally free. Let us hope that the new BBC series have fantastic views and shows the island in a great light.


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Yogi / Hace over 2 years

Did anyone from the MDB see the screening of episode one at the film festival on Friday? I hope it's good but I'm less than impressed by a senior reporter saying "I am told" when it was there to be seen here and with the stars present too. No interviews either? Not even a picture of either of them pretending to read the MDB!


STAN / Hace over 2 years

Totally agree the program will publicise Mallorca. But do not forget the reasons for the reduction of Tourists and Flights. Plus, crime series can have a negative effect, as people think that there are serious crimes occurring on the Island on a weekly basis.


Ricky / Hace over 2 years

As someone who lives in an area where filming regularly takes place, let me tell you about the officious security guards taking over the streets, the closed roads, the supercilious production staff resenting us ‘civilians’ driving by, the hotel nearby that refuses visitors for lunch, etc. etc. I detest these holier than thou production crews. And the series will show only glimpses of the decrasingly few good beaches and ports. Naturally the crime, the poverty, the beaches awash with sewage, the yobs, the pollution, the traffic jams, the mega malls ruining local trade, etc, will all be forgotten.