Long serving Conservative MP, Sir Roger Gale, has been the beacon for the welfare of British expatriates, especially in Europe. Gale has fought long and hard for the rights of Britons living in the bloc and battled hard to secure those rights for the future, especially in view of the pending Brexit divorce.

Over recent months Gale has been trying to get some sense out of the government about what is being done regarding the post-Brexit rights of British expatriates and, according to a copy of a letter he sent me yesterday, the man in charge of the welfare of expatriates is none other than the lovely, lovely Michael Gove, the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, as he also likes to sign his correspondence.

Gove agrees with Gale that some very important issues have been raised and he goes on to also agree that “we must strive to protect our nationals, particularly elderly pensioners who have chosen to retire in the EU.”

Gale’s concerns have been brought to the attention of Boris Johnson who, according to Gove in the letter, is keen for all the relevant ministers to convene to hold a meeting to discuss matters all expatriate.

It makes very comforting reading, but, surprise surprise, lacks any real substance - not even Sir Roger is convinced and he has been quick to underline that the welfare of expatriates could be lost under the general election waffle Britons are now going to be fed.