For once I am glad that I can´t vote in the British election....because none of the above would get my vote. British politics appears to have hit rock bottom; in the blue corner you have Boris Johnson who promised Brexit, do-or-die and we are still waiting.

In the red corner we have Jeremy Corbyn who wants to turn his back on history and the fall of the Berlin wall and make Britain the new Soviet state.

Then there is the Brexit Party which appears to be a complete waste of time because Brexit will happen, according to Boris, very soon so not much point voting for a party that has a shelf life of a few months.

Then there are the Liberal Democrats who just want to forget that the Brexit referendum ever happened which is not exactly overly democratic.

Then there are the Scottish Nationalists, who like the Brexit Party, appear to have a single policy to breakaway from the United Kingdom and join the European Union, even though more people voted for Brexit than the SNP in Scotland.

So it´s a tough decision. The Liberal Democrats have positioned themselves as the party for Remain, the Conservatives for Leave and Labour as the party who sits on the fence. I suspect that there will be plenty of shocks on election night and it is difficult to imagine there will be an overall winner. If there is a hung parliament keep hold of your EU passport because I can´t see Britain leaving the European Union for months or years to come.


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