There has been much talk over recent weeks about British tourism. The Balearic government and the Council of Majorca have spent heavily on promotion campaigns in Britain and I would say that they have been a success.

But, not much is being said about the German market. Germany is in recession and already this summer German holidaymakers have been going to cheaper holiday destinations. The number of Germans coming to the islands this year actually fell, but it was a rather unpublicised fall. To be honest if Germany sneezes then Majorca will get a cold because this island is very reliant on German tourism. Any fall in visitors will be noticed.An estimated four million Germans come to Majorca every year compared to 2.5 million Britons, so there is a big gap between first and second.

The British only take top spot when it comes to the Balearics, with Minorca being particularly popular with the British but not so much so with the Germans. The local authorities are expected to launch a similar promotion campaign as the one they did in London at the German ITB fair in Berlin in March.

There is concern within the tourist industry about the German tourist market and they will be looking to the local authorities to take some sort of action to ensure that Majorca continues to be Germany´s Number 1 holiday destination. There is cause for concern at the moment about tourism to Majorca with price and value for money being the principal worries for many tourists.


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