A pretty average Conservative candidate with a single policy looks set to get the keys of Number 10 on Thursday, according to the opinion polls. Boris Johnson will probably be crowned Prime Minister not because he is the best person for the job but because he is probably the best of a very bad lot.

The fear felt by some if not many of a Jeremy Corbyn Labour government appears to have sent shockwaves down the country and even pro-European Union voters have said that they will be backing the Conservatives because of the Corbyn “effect.”

The Liberal Democrats appear to have failed miserably with their scrap Brexit drive failing to attract voters and look set to suffer on Thursday. Probably the saddest thing about this general election is that the two main candidates are probably some of the poorest to date. Johnson has promised to get Brexit done, whatever that means. But the electorate is still very much in the dark about what happens after Brexit.

The would-be Prime Minister is painting a pretty picture of post-Brexit Britain but there are still some very important questions to be answered such as whether Britain can survive economically without being a member of the European club.

If the polls are right and Johnson is victorious then Corbyn will be history but Johnson has to win big, if he doesn´t it will not only him who will be history probably his party as well. The Brexit election has been a rather average affair like the candidates.