Palma is buzzing. The Christmas lights are fantastic but there is a problem. The shortage of flights is causing problems for the large number of hotels which are open in the city. Some hoteliers are calling for the local authorities to take action and are urging tour firms to spread the word and underline the fact that Palma is the place to be this winter. On the positive side, there are more winter flights this year, especially to Britain.

British tour firm Jet2 now operates to Majorca throughout the year, keeping some hotels open. The programme is still small but it is expected to grow. Twenty years ago some of the bigger holiday resorts remained opened with tour firms operating a Christmas holiday programme to the island. Sadly, those days are gone but they could come back soon if Majorca launched a full scale winter promotion drive.

The number of winter tourists coming to the island has risen over recent years. Hotels in Palma say that with more flights the capital could be an ideal Christmas break destination. Compared to Britain and Germany the weather on the island over Christmas is far warmer and there are plenty of events and activities.

Maria Frontera, President of the Majorcan Hoteliers Federation has underlined the island’s potential as a winter holiday destination. While Majorca is a fantastic place to visit during the summer it is an ideal holiday destination during the Christmas period. All we need to do is spread the word.