Last week I commented on the right wing’s furious reaction to a ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ). The PP were disgusted with how the EU court overruled a legal decision made by the highest court in Spain, especially ones regarding so-called Catalan “traitors”.

I thought it was a case of the PP and their extreme-right buddies Vox throwing their toys out of the pram after also having lost the last general election, but no. Spain has joined Poland in becoming the second country this week to claim it could ditch the EU, amid growing fury at the power that Brussels holds over member states.
Spain’s third biggest party Vox is now under huge pressure to back the Spanish version of the Brexit referendum.

During the campaign for the municipal elections back in May, I interviewed not only local Vox candidates, but also the party’s national number two, a former member of Spain’s special forces. While they tip-toed around the issue of where the party stood on Europe, they were adamant that, once in a position of power, they intended to push for much needed reforms in the EU, strip it down, reduce the Brussels bill and make it more effective.

Now it appears that they would like to turn their backs on the whole thing, and the PP tend to share the same opinion. Vox, now in a position of power, maintain that the European Union has humiliated Spain and its sovereignty. Bring on 2020.


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S.O. / Hace over 2 years

“Spain has joined Poland in becoming the second country this week to claim it could ditch the EU”?

Could you please clarify who made that ‘claim’ on behalf of Spain? Maybe I haven’t been paying attention but I haven’t heard anyone in the Spanish (caretaker) government say so. Neither Vox nor the PP can speak on behalf of the country as a whole.


Palmadave / Hace over 2 years

Quick, grab a lifeboat...................the ships sinking.


John Parkinson / Hace over 2 years

Come and join us.This is what the EU politicians feared. The UK goes and it has a dominoe effect. Look forward to visiting in June and July with my extra euros due to a strong pound.