Like a well oiled machine the Balearics welcomed 13.6 million tourists in the first 11 months of this year...not bad for a group of islands which have a population of just one million.

What I find rather amazing is that all these millions of people come and go with few problems. It is quite remarkable if you think about it. Palma airport handles more passengers than London Gatwick during the summer months and almost more aircraft movements that London Heathrow the busiest airport in the world. And that it just transport.

Then you have the hotels and apartment where these 13 million people stay. Much of the food is imported from the mainland in an operation which would scare many. If the Balearics was a company it would probably be up there with the top firms in the world. Not bad for such a small place.

Over recent years there have been growing complaints that the islands are attacting too many tourists but to be honest the Balearics is only seriously crowded during the peak summer weeks. Hoteliers believe that more tourists can be attracted and this is one of the reasons why Palma airport is being overhauled this summer. The industry can continue to grow especially during the winter months, because the majority of these 13.4 million tourists come during the peak summer months.

It is remarkable that in the space of 40 years the islands have become one of the leading holiday destination in the world. It says alot for the local population. The Balearics is an international success story. I suspect that tourism to the islands will continue to prosper because the know-how is readily available, you just have to look at the last 40 years.


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Ricky / Hace over 2 years

This so called media outlet should be re—named the Majorca Daily Tourism. When are you going to learn to serve your British resident audience by informing us in detail about everything we need to know to help us here, and to help other people. Getting quite ridiculous now, and for sure your Summer visitor audience also does not care about tourism stories. Change or become irrelevant. Mel B and Yogi do you agree?


OSN / Hace over 2 years

... and it's even more remarkable that the government continually plead poverty despite 13 million people arriving to blow through their year's savings here in a fortnight.


Steve Riches / Hace over 2 years

The island is a maximum of 3 hours flying time from a hugely wealthy area of high population in Europe seeking warmer weather, good accommodation, food, entertainment and natural beauty that meets acceptable levels of cost. It's an economic tightrope stretched rather too tightly by a swingeing Tourist Tax and by largely younger protesters whose excellent lifestyles are actually funded by the tourism about which they protest. Mallorca needs to work harder to keep this trust.


Adam Ostenfeld / Hace over 2 years

It should also be noted that they live from that and if not careful the next 40 years could see it go in the complete other direction !


Tommy / Hace over 2 years

It’s a pity tourists aren’t welcome ?