What a disappointment Prince Harry must be to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth and even his father and brother. The royal household has been exceptionally lenient towards Prince Harry; his foolish and bad behaviour has been quietly forgotten. Even the media have been more than fair with Prince Harry. His announcement that he was stepping back from being a senior royal must have felt like a slam in the face for the royal household.

The fact that there was allegedly no warning just underlines how selfish the Duke and Duchess of Sussex must be. No royal protocol was followed they just made a decision and then slapped it on their instagram site.

The Republican movement in Britain must have thought it was Christmas. The move will have obviously damaged the royal family a time when even the Queen admits to a rocky 2019. And why has Prince Harry taken this decision? To protect his family, he says, from the media. Yes, now that he is not a senior member of the royal family he will not be in the media spotlight. He can now look forward to a quiet life with his family without the trappings of being a senior royal. That is the life he wants and that is the life he should get. But, there should be no going back.

I do not think it is correct that he should keep his title or even his income from the crown. He wanted a split so he should get a clean split. His next task should be to find a new job to support his family.


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fb22 / Hace over 2 years

There's a lot of people that think everybody is equal and don't like being a subject, bowing or calling somebody your highness/majesty.


S.O. / Hace over 2 years

I was under the impression that the Bulletin was meant to be Mallorcan and other Spanish news for English speaking (not necessarily just British) residents of Mallorca. So how exactly do Harry and Meghan fit in? The ‘pantomime’ being published in the British tabloids is surely more than enough for those who are at all interested. More editorials on local affairs would probably be better appreciated by your readers.


Mayra Smith / Hace over 2 years

Stop hating on Megan! Megan this Megan that. What is wrong with you all? This is the 21st century for Pete's sake. Get on with the times and reality. No room for racism


Fred / Hace over 2 years

.The constant reminder when the Press Pack surround themselves on Harry and Meghan frightens Harry. They are a constant reminder of his Mothers death. Caused by the French Press. He does not want that to happen to him and his Wife and child. I wholly understand their decision to want to live a more private life. Having to adhere to a Royal Way of life and using the peoples money . I wish them all well, and respect their decision . I would like to see William and Kate as King and Queen. I do not want Charles and Camilla as the Heads of Britain. The Queen needs to stand down and elect William and Kate to be at the Royal Helm.


E Weldon / Hace over 2 years

This is Megan’s doing!! Funny how the website was up and running as they made their announcement on The Duchess of Cambridge’s Birthday - Megan’s pregnancy was announced ay Princess Eugenie’s Wedding- Bad Timing -I don’t think so! The British Tax Payers have had their fill of Megan and Harry they have stepped over the line by disrespecting The Queen, Harry’s Grandmotherfunny how they left Archie in Vancouver BC!!


John Parkinson / Hace over 2 years

By next week a deal will have been done,they will still get money from daddy,keep the house in England as a holiday home.Both will earn ridiculous amounts of money under pretence of charitable works. Then in say 5 years a separation,he come back to England,everybody sorry for him and welcome back to the fold.


Richard / Hace over 2 years

And why has Prince Harry taken this decision, you ask ? Because his wife told him to. Or else.