The Balearic government and the central government delegation in Palma appear to be bogged down in a spat over teaching members of the Guardia Civil Catalan.

It would appear that police unions, not to mention central government, are having none of it and, to be honest, if state police are to be taught languages, I think it should start with English - considering the tens of millions of British nationals and English-speaking people who come to the Balearics and Spain as a whole every year. Another point which should be taken into account is the vast majority of the Guardia Civil and national Police serving in the Balearics have been posted here from various parts of the mainland and at some point, will be redeployed to another part of the country, that is how it works with the state security forces.

So what is the point of them being made to waste vital police time learning Catalan? I seriously doubt that a Catalan-speaking member of the Balearic population really does not care what language they are being attended in by the police in the event of an emergency, all they would expect is to be protected and assisted.

As we all know, where things do get complicated is when the police have to deal with foreigners in a security situation, and in most cases, the victims, or offenders, will understand English. Politicians should leave policing alone.


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MelB / Hace over 2 years

Well said Mr. Carter. This is just one of many instances around the world where a minority is trying to dictate to the majority.


Georgi / Hace over 2 years

Completely in agreement with the opinion in this article. Yet in case of Catalan it's politics of influence funded by corruption that intends to force members of public and even some government agencies to use a language which is spoken ( and not by everyone) in a small geographical region. Preserve Catalan as heritage in literature and art, but don't force it on people as this is a sure way for the right wing parties to get more and more votes.