It is the biggest party in town but it will only be enjoyed by local residents. Palma is marking its patron saint with activities lasting for the next two weeks but it will be a strictly Majorcan affair. Not because tourists are not welcome but because there are few flights and to be honest no one appears to have the foresight in promoting these events across the world.

Now, is the time to visit Palma. The shop sales are well underway with discounts of up to 70 percent (visitpalmatoshop), San Sebastian has started (visitpalmaactivities), the city is relatively quiet so you don´t have to queue for your favourite restaurant (visitpalmafood), and the weather, despite a cold start is relatively warm (visitpalmaweather). I am sure these four things are a combination which would draw visitors from far away. Hotel prices in the city are relatively cheap. To be honest I sincerely doubt that the Palma city council have realised that all these events could appeal to tourists because it is not peak season.

Also, Palma could do with some tourists to give local businesses a lift. Regular readers of this space will have realised that I am a firm believer in winter tourism, also tourism is changing and probably the beach and the sun is not enough for your modern day tourist. So open up the big winter events to holidaymakers. All is needed is a bit of imagination. If there is demand there will be more flights. Majorca is better in the winter so come and see us.


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OSN / Hace over 2 years

Yogi..... not even the official website of the Vuelta Mallorca had details of where and on what day the races would be until January, 4 weeks before they start.


Yogi / Hace over 2 years

To be fair to Palma, Jason, I don't know of any town which promotes it's events well and comprehensively, especially to its non-Mallorcan residents, nevermind further afield. Until being here for a few years I often only discovered what was happening when it was happening, or lamentably afterwards. They are certainly missing a big trick, not only in Palma but probably in the other main cultural towns too. For example. Anyone seen any notices or promotion of the annual Vuelta Mallorca cycling challenge at the end of this month?