If the popularity of Queen Elizabeth II in Spain has risen, then she should thank Netflix and The Crown. The series appears to have taken Spain by storm.

The other day I attended lunch with a group of fellow journalists. The lunch-time chatter was not the new Spanish government and the fact that it has more ministries than winter tourists on the island, it was all about The Crown and I appeared to be the centre of attention because being British everyone assumed that I was a walking encyclopedia on the British royal family!

For many years the Spanish view of Queen Elizabeth was that she is rather aloof from her subjects unlike their own King Juan Carlos who was deemed to be more popular and a man of the people. But that was then! Thanks to The Crown, Queen Elizabeth has become a “sweet and courageous woman” while the new King of Spain, Felipe, doesn´t appear to be as popular as his father.

The Prince Harry/Meghan Markle royal split has increased the Spanish appetite for all news and comment about the British monarchy hence why my opinion appeared to be in such demand over lunch. To be honest I have only seen a few episodes of The Crown which many Spaniards find amazing even unpatriotic! It appears to be compulsory viewing. What is clear is that the Netflix smash hit has done the British royal family plenty of good. Meghan Markle may have been a hit in Suits but I am sure that she will be an even bigger hit if and when she appears in The Crown!


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