The new booze law is not a bad idea. The crackdown on party boats and pub crawls also deserves praise but I have a concern....does the local ministry for tourism have the necessary resources to ensure that the new laws can be enforced?

Magalluf and the Playa de Palma are big places with large hotels so the local ministry will need a small army of inspectors. The police forces in these two resorts are already overworked and have limited resources so I doubt that they will be able to get involved. So really it will be up to local officials to lead the booze ban charge. I also have another concern.

Tourists are already paying the tourist tax and now they will find that their all inclusive deal is not as inclusive as they thought. The price of a Majorcan holiday has risen again with additional spending money needed to pay for drinks which are not included alongside the tourist tax.

It is a bold move by the local ministry for tourism; so much so that the story made banner headlines across Europe. Now, they have to show Europe that the law can be enforced. I suspect that officials at the ministry for tourism will be looking through social media and other websites to ensure that pub crawls in Magalluf are not being advertised. The fines are high and obviously the new legislation will act as a deterrent. But as I said in space over the weekend the local ministry for tourism does deserve praise for attempting to tackle the problem of booze they just have to make the new law work.


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E Weldon / Hace over 2 years

What about the families and responsible tourists who booked All Inclusive holidays last August2019 for July 2020- will they get a rebate? The All Inclusive holiday they booked is now completely different -Change In Contract and Conditions! The Government should have sorted this out Years Ago and it’s not just Magaluf