Every time we put up a story about tourism on our website (www.majorcadailybulletin.es) or our social media sites, someone always comments that they didn’t think that Majorca wanted tourists anymore.

Now, as we all know (well most of us!) Majorca loves tourists because tourism is our livelihood. But there is a perception from a very small minority that tourists are not welcome. Why? Because they believe that the new rulings on cruise ships, the booze ban, the crackdown on illegal holiday lets etc, are all part of a widespread plan to reduce the number of visitors. The new booze ban in Magalluf and the Playa de Palma will be used by this small minority on social media as a clear example of Majorca’s alleged drift away from tourism. As I said at the start of this article this is far from the case but the local authorities do have to be careful. The new booze ban in Magalluf and the Playa de Palma was introduced to stop “tourists behaving badly...” The sight of a German or British tourist after 20 or 25 beers was too much for Majorca to stomach. So, the legislation was introduced and full marks to the local authorities.

It was introduced, also, for the good of Majorca and so that the tourist experience was enhanced. But some will say that it is another example of Majorca’s crackdown. This is why it is important that there is open communication between the local authorities and tourists in their country of origin. It is easy for the message to get lost especially through social media. Majorca wants and needs tourism, the new laws are to make the island a better place. End of story.


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Britbabe / Hace about 1 year

End of story Jason ? If only . . . . . .