The campaign launched by the Foreign Office in Spain urging British citizens to get their paperwork in order before the Brexit deadline at the end of the year appears to have been successful with the number of British citizens legally resident in the islands rising by 200.

There are now 15,000 British residents in the Balearics who all have their paperwork in order and therefore allegedly have little to fear from Britain’s pullout from the European Union.

British citizens have until the end of this year to get their situation in order so a further rise can be expected during 2020. But I still find it rather amazing to see that there are just 15,000 British residents in the Balearics. Many more must be living on the islands but without the correct paperwork. These people, living in the legal shadows, could have a big problem when Britain finally leaves at the end of 2020.

As we know, Britain leaves on Friday but the final withdrawal will not happen for another year. I would urge all those who do not have the necessary paperwork to get their act together because they could find themselves in choppy waters. Now, obviously these are uncertain times even for those who do have their paperkwork in order, especially if the scenario of a no deal Brexit still on the table. I think as always in this situation it is a question of Keep Calm and Carry On. There will be challenges ahead but it is important that British citizens are fully legal, the days of being able to live in Spain without papers are gone.


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