The local television station, IB3, is sending a reporter to Britain to cover Britain´s exit from the European Union. Spanish colleagues have been telling me all week that Britain is leaving on January 31. So in Majorca, at least, Britain´s departure from the European Union is a big story...but not so much in Britain or even amongst the British. I saw a post on facebook from someone asking whether we should be celebrating leaving the European Union? She got little or no interest. But I suppose it is normal that three years after the referendum, people are a bit Brexit bored.

In Majorca there is concern how Brexit will hit the tourist industry and the local economy. There is also the worry over the future of the European Union. Any fall in the number of British tourists coming to the island will hit the local economy. The British are also heavily involved in the local real estate and nautical sector.

As I have said on numerous occasions in this space I sincerely doubt that Brexit will have a short-term impact. In the long-term, perhaps so, but not now. What is evident is that Spain is not going to put up barriers to its principal tourist market and Britain is not going to put barriers to one of its major investors. What Spain should fear, though, is that if Brexit fails it will have a direct impact on the British economy which will affect Spain. While Britain is leaving the European Union many in Europe will be hoping that Brexit works, at least economically speaking.

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John Parkinson / Hace about 1 year

Typical nasty final sentence..You need us more than we need you in Mallorca,accept it and move on.Do not get greedy with your tourist tax,who knows the U K may implement a tax,for E U members! You will have to accept other countries both in the EU and outside want our “holiday” money ,be careful.


Stan / Hace about 1 year

"I haven't lost my shirt!" But you can get my shirt!

We think you should tell your friend on Facebook that she should celebrate!

I tried to get my wife to go to a hotel in Westminster to celebrate The Exodus from the EU for two days, but failed. But we will go to London New Year's Eve 2020/2021. When the real Brexit owns round. She promises that.

We have been watching Brexit since the early afternoon from Sky News / Youube.

We will certainly miss the cuckold of the British! We got a discount just because you were in the EU. Thanks! Now Southern and Eastern Europe wants us to pay for your departure.

"If you exclude our EU fee per inhabitant, it ends up at about € 400 per person per year. That's about € 110 more than what the average EU citizen pays. - We do not think the Commission is right when they claim that we will pay up to 40 percent more. This has to be redone, says our EU minister. "Without the English, this will NEVER happen !!! We were 9 out of ten.

When you consider that both the Corona virus and Brexit occurred on the same day. Is it an omen? Should we look at Out of Africa or the Seventh Seal of Ingmar Bergman?

Well, your girlfriend's friend on Facebook: Yes, party: we party with an aperitif with ginger beer, vodka lime and crushed ice; La Rioja Altana Gran Reseva 04 Cosecha 2009 and a real, really good 18 year old Scotch whiskey.

At 11pm we open a Bollinger, Bond (Sean Connery), James Bond's favorite champagne brand.

After Brexit I will drink some West Cost Tonic with really Chinese bark (GT) and watch The Bridge on the River Kwai with Alec Guinness.

PS. According to Jaen-Paul Sartre, EVERYTHING is a project. If you walk across the street you need to supply energy food. Start on one side of the street and walk across the street - not everyone can. Everyone at the beginning and almost the end is more or less in a tunnel. Imagine a bathtub ... Are you at the beginning of the fall of the bathtub on one side or farthest bottom, or in the phase of the other side of the bathtub? The elite (try / believe) are in the phase because they have been thinking about the matter for a long time, the bay gives them an advantage. What do you think?



Palmadave / Hace about 1 year

I think you mean VE Day Jason.


Ricky / Hace about 1 year

Don’t use the lazy and offensive headline ‘D-day’. Thousands died that day. Hardly a comparison. Plus, if the MDB really wanted to serve its readers you would have a regular column with practical help for U.K. residents, e.g. now how the hell do you get an appointment to change your driving licence. I’ve been trying for 6 months and I’m a resident. Why don’t you serve your UK resident readers more effectively? You might find it better for business.


Steve Riches / Hace about 1 year

Two important problems need sorting:- 1) Acceptance of the UK driving licence and b) A mutual agreement between UK and Spain so that both countries ratify use of the EHIC card or whatever may replace it. Many people won't travel if they csn't hire a car to use on their home driving licence and b) if they can't afford health insurance.