The Rock has come up with a very cunning plan. I presume it is part of a plan to ease any post Brexit problems, with Spain still talking about the enclave’s future, but it certainly caught my eye.

Gibraltar’s tourism bosses have decided to launch a series of very appealing TV ads on UK TV channels as part of what would appear to be a major and new promotional campaign.And, having never been to Gibraltar - I once thought about it but was warned that I could end up spending hours waiting to cross the boarder if the Spanish guards were having a bad day - so decided against it.

However, having seen the TV ad, it has made me think again. I presume many readers have also seen the ad and it begs the question, why doesn’t the Balearics do the same?

I know all the latest industry reports point towards a strong British season this year with an increase in tourists from the UK helping to compensate for the slump in German tourism, but a stylish TV campaign would surely help to boost the numbers even more.
I am sick to death of seeing the advert for Turkey but using the power of TV must surely be paying dividends.

I am sure if Gibraltar can afford it, so can the Balearics. May be it’s time to be brave, what’s to lose?