I woke up yesterday morning, had my coffee, had a shower and went to work. I felt no different than I did on Friday or even last Saturday. But yesterday was different.

For the first time in my lifetime I am no longer a citizen of the European Union. The big change will not be felt this year but in 2021 when all links with the EU will be severed. To be honest I am rather indifferent to this new brave dawn which is being forecast by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. I hope and wish that Brexit will not dent the economy of my adopted home, Majorca, and everything will stay the same.

I do have my fears, but they are just that (fears) and hopefully everything will be alright on the night. Britain is facing an enormous challenge, probably one of the biggest in 40 years. It now has to find its place in the world again and it won’t be easy. I can understand those who were cheering on Friday night as Britain left the European Union, Brexit has been a long time coming. But we must also remember that Britain has not done badly out of the European Union. When it joined in the early 1970s the country was close to bankruptcy. Britain left the European Union as the fifth biggest economy in the world.

Now, I am not going to give the European Union full credit for this but we must remember that the majority of foreign businesses which established factories in Britain in the 1980s did so because Britain was a member of the European Union. For the sake of Britain and my adopted home I sincerely hope that Brexit works and Britain will prosper but for the time being I have my fears. Brexit is done, now the work begins.