Palma just does not seem to get it. On the one hand, a huge amount of effort and money, public and private, is being invested in trying to develop and promote the capital as a leading European city break destination which is open for business all year but on the other, there seems to be a movement to tear the heart and soul out of Palma.

Despite threats of legal action and protests, the city council is going ahead with its plan to regulate bar and restaurant terraces. How many times have we been told about the hundreds of days and thousands of hours of sun one can enjoy in Palma – key to that are the terraces like any other Mediterranean country. They are not only vital to the tourist industry, terrace life is part of the local culture and it’s a huge attraction to Northern Europeans and visitors from other colder climes.

Why Palma can’t start singing from the same song sheet is beyond me. The city can’t have it both ways and not only is a huge attraction being lost, so too will jobs and revenue. I have mentioned before that a friend of mine has a bar on the Paseo Mallorca, 75 percent of his businesses is generated on the terrace – no terrace, no point opening is his answer and he is not the only one. He was also of the way of thinking that the Socialist party and its left wing buddies would be on the side of small businesses - he clearly does not think that any more.