I have travelled to Britain quite frequently over the winter period and I am pleased to report that the small number of winter flights are packed. This adds further strength to the argument that more flights are needed and Majorca could easily be a winter holiday destination. I know there could be more flights, especially to the north of England and Scotland, but we shouldn’t really complain, Majorca is pretty well connected to the London airports.

The flights I have taken to London are usually packed with holiday makers, both Spanish and British and British residents of the island. It must be remembered that London is an extremely popular holiday destination for Majorcans and of course Majorca is Britain’s holiday spot. Perhaps, the time has come for the local authorities to sit down with the tour firms and local hoteliers to see if they can push Majorca’s credentials as a proper winter holiday destination.

While the weather might not be as good as other places such as the Canary Island, as we all know this island still has plenty to offer even in the low season. For many years it was claimed that the reason why there was few winter flights was because there was no demand. This no longer appears to be the case. It was always going to be a question of supply and demand. If flights are packed then there is a case for more and Majorca should be pushing this point home. This island could easily be a winter holiday destination, it just needs a few more flights!