The British government will demand that all new immigrant workers to Britain speak English as part of its new immigration points system which will be introduced from next year.

Obviously, this will include workers from the European Union. Whatever Britain does could mean that the European Union will follow and will Spain demand that all British workers moving to Spain speak Spanish? British expats are not famous for their language skills and I always think that it is one of the delights of this island that people can live and work here with limited or no Spanish.

My parents spent 35 years here and couldn’t speak a word! But obviously times have changed and these days a level of Spanish is needed if you are going to work on the island. But would Spain really demand that all new British people moving to the island should speak Spanish? I doubt it but it could happen. I think the British government has to be slightly careful when it introduces or plans new legislation; it must remember that it could have a direct impact on thousands of British people who are living or who are planning to live on mainland Europe.

I have been told, though, that even attitudes on Majorca are changing. One British woman was told in no uncertain terms by a local doctor that she should speak Spanish. Other people have told me of similar experiences. My view; I think expats should speak Spanish because it improves their quality of life.