You’ll remember that legislation the regional government is so keen to introduce that will ban new diesel vehicles from 2025. Climate change demands the prohibition, as it also influenced the necessity to complete the electrification of the existing rail network in Majorca and do away with diesel engines. Cleaner air, reduced emissions, Majorca is both on the road and on track to climate change salvation.

The question is, though - what do you do with diesel trains that you no longer need? Well, if you can sell eleven of them for 9.6 million euros, this would be nice additional funding for the public transport revolution in Majorca. It would almost be sufficient to pay for the next extension of the Metro, an essential development in order to cut emissions from vehicles (apparently). But, as we know, the tourist tax has to pay for this. So what will the 9.6 million be spent on?

The answer to this has yet to be revealed, but what we do know is that the trains have been flogged: a 20% down payment, with the rest to be paid on delivery. The money is coming from the state-owned Kenya Railways. Yes, the Balearic government, determined to confront diesel-influencing climate change, is more than happy for Kenya to take the trains off its hands. Transport minister Marc Pons was doing the clapping at the little ceremony to mark the deal the other day. Double standards, do I hear you say?