Despite some obviously tough challenges ahead this year, there appears to be plenty of confidence in Palma’s restaurant sector.

Yes, scores are furious over the terraces law, but others are rising to the occasion.
Owning a restaurant, or bar for that matter, is no easy task.

Little or no time off, considerable outlay on products and staff, not to mention maintenance, etc. That said, across the road from the Majorca Daily Bulletin offices on the Paseo Mallorca, within less than 100 metres of each other, two new restaurants are about to open any day this week.

One is going to be a top-end “tapas and cocktails” joint, the other is keeping itself very much under wraps, but I have been informed by good sources that it is going to have a very Majorcan feel to it.

And while a sizable amount of investment has been pumped into both ventures, the award-winning bars along the Paseo are continuing to do good business, as are the existing restaurants which cater for all tastes.

But it’s not only the Paseo Mallorca which is buzzing, so too are other parts of the city centre.

Whatever the weather, Palma has always got plenty to offer, and providing the bars, restaurants and top-end hotels can maintain this momentum, I think some businesses may be pleasantly surprised come the end of the summer season.