Sooner rather than later the Balearic government is going to have to make some tough economic decisions.

The Balearic tourist industry is in crisis; holiday bookings have quite naturally slumped and there is talk of some hotels not opening to June. If the hotel is not open you can safely say that the bar, restaurant or souvenir shop next door will be closed as well. Let's remember that the tourist industry employ tens of thousands of people.

The local ministry for tourism (and the rest of the world as well) hope that the coronavirus crisis will have eased by June which, fingers crossed, will allow things to remain to normal. But this is when the local government will have to act. The tourist tax should be scrapped for this summer even the terrace ban in Palma should be eased because this island is going to need all the help it can to attract holidaymakers.

Now, obviously this is the problem which is being faced by tourist resorts across the world but Majorca does rely on tourism and the prospect of fewer tourists coming this summer has got the alarm bells ringing. The government needs to be bold and realise that this is a nightmare situation which needs quick and effective action. The tourist tax, which will always be controversial, should be effectively scrapped for this year giving hoteliers some room to manourve on their pricing.

What Majorca doesn’t need is pointless legislation which was alright when the sun was shining but now...who knows.


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Yogi / Hace about 1 year

It's Madrid not Barcelona. It's 10% not 20% and tourists pay at the beginning of their stay not the end. Apart from that, yup should be scrapped, at least for this year. But if Madrid don't increase the Balearic budget then the shortfall has to be made up. Unfortunately the Govt here sees the tourist as the easy way to do this whilst completely ignoring the stupendous amount of financial waste it oversees in 50 thousand plus civil servants employed here with an incredible amount of role and work duplication. Streamlining the Govt here would save more than the tourist tax collects, but the gravy train has kept on rolling, until now....


B.Rowe. / Hace about 1 year

I read with interest comments and proposals to temporarily suspend the tourist tax, now people have long memories, this tax was introduced in July 2016 after Sharm El-Sheikh (Oct 2015) and Tunisia(June 2015) tourist attacks when tourists were looking for safer options closer to home.

Tourists were told the tax was to improve the infrastructure for tourists and islanders alike, however, it now seems that it is now being used to fill the black holes in the islands budget.

It has been so successful that Barcelona want their 20% of the action, hence, why should Barcelona increase the budget to the islands when they are doing alright at the moment and Barcelona are taking their cut.

Not satisfied with increased VAT returns from tourists spending in shops, restaurants, bars etc, plus the large contribution by tourists using public transport, there now will be a large shortfall.

Less employment, less spending in shops, restaurants, bars, less transport trips, so where is the money going to come from to support the people and tourist industry during this pandemic, perhaps the tourist tax itself.

If the island wants tourists the tax should be scrapped altogether, the islands have shown their own greed by increasing the tax the following year, how does the tourist feel having come to the island frequented many sites, restaurants, bars and on checking out of the hotel is presented with an invoice for £36 (€41.4).

Majorca is slowly pricing itself out of the tourist market, last year it was eleventh in a holiday cost barometer, it has now been replaced by Nice(France) with Corfu, Croatia and Sorrento leaping into the top ten destinations.


chris cogan / Hace about 1 year



brian emery / Hace about 1 year

Yes the tax needs scrapping, but hotels above 3 star should also be having free safes in bedrooms as is mostly the case in most hotels on the mainland. The hotel we visit in Palma Nova is dearer than a similar grade hotel on the mainland and the tourist tax and cost of a safe adds over £100 to the cost of a 10 night stay. For this reason we have not booked for next year, for the first time since 2000 and will look to go on the Spanish mainland. We prefer Majorca but the island is becoming too expensive hotel and tax wise, and will do itself no favours with the all inclusive changes.


OSN / Hace about 1 year

The tourist tax was always a bad idea, but although getting rid of it would be a step in the right direction, I'm afraid that I don't think the fact that a holiday would be a few quid cheaper is going to rescue this season. It's going to be a very tough time for a lot of people.


Frederick Jessop / Hace about 1 year

Totaly Agree your comment. No temperature checks at the Airport and Ports on Passengers arriving into Mallorca must be a PRIORITY NOW. Otherwise there will be a greater Pandemic on this small Island. Many businesses will go Bankrupt and Hotels Close Down.