I have a new hobby and it’s great fun. Being in lockdown in a city centre poses its challenges, but a huge sense of solidarity has suddenly exploded.

Neighbours who one has probably never spoken or paid much attention to are now all talking to each other out on their balconies while others have taken to the roof tops of apartment blocks.

There is nothing happening on the streets, and quite rightly, but look up and that’s where Palma’s daily life is carrying on as best as possible.

Scores of people have taken to the skies to exercise, I’ve seen people with large roof terraces jogging while the elderly are making the most of the opportunity to keep moving by simply walking circuits while it at least provides people with the chance to get some fresh air - which right now is probably cleaner than it has been for decades with no vehicles on the roads.

Nobody needs me to remind readers of how vitally important it is, what ever their age, to try and keep mobile and to try and do it with good humour, whether it is cleaning the home or perhaps exercising for the first time in years, ever even, because it will keep us all mentally and physically fit and healthy and in good shape to return to normal life as soon as it is permitted.

In fact, for many, this could be a golden opportunity to try and lead a more healthy life and exercise more. Every cloud has a silver lining - hang in there.