Full marks to the Council of Majorca who have launched a campaign to remind tourists that once the coronavirus crisis ends they will have a warm welcome on their favourite holiday island. Using social media the Council hope that they will get their message across at this difficult time.

There is much concern within the travel industry over the holiday season. Easter has effectively been cancelled because hotels will remain closed and there are no flights as the lockdown continues. But Majorca has to be ready. As soon as the crisis ends, then the season must start so as not to lose any more valuable time. At the moment all the major hotel chains have laid off their staff but everyone must be prepared to answer their call of duty when the lockdown ends.

The impact of the coronavirus on the tourist industry is enormous. Some doom and gloom merchants are saying that the season has already been lost. Hopefully this is not the case and come June or even July Majorca will be back to normal. The same spirit of solidarity which is being shown in lockdown needs to be shown afterwards as well.

I doubt that it will be a fight for survival but it will be a major battle with plenty of obstacles to overcome. The Council of Majorca appear to be ready, the tourist industry must do the same. The Majorcan tourist industry has been flexible and forward thinking in the past, it might do the same again with even more vigour.


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David UK / Hace about 1 year

Oh dear B Rowe...... 31 Jan to now is not 93 days, so knock a month off your calculations. I live in UK and would consider the risk in Spain (or Mallorca) no greater than in the UK. So I for one will be happy to bring my family to Mallorca late in the season if transport and the Island are back open for business.


Kevin / Hace about 1 year

Well much negativity here masquerading as 'realism.' Most people in UK who have been locked in their houses for weeks or months and have had holidays cancelled will be crying out to get abroad for a holiday. For sure the season will be much shorter and incomes will be well down on 2020 but there is still hope that we can get the virus under control and have businesses open again before the end of the summer. I really believe that.


Ricky / Hace about 1 year

‘Call of duty’? You mean vastly underpaid and now probably unprotected hotel workers? How dare you. Your continued rallying cries for tourism has always only been about one thing: protecting UH cronies. I can’t remember ever reading any MDB article about people in need here. Your so called paper has never really served our island. I hope one good thing about C19 means zero revenue from hard copies and your imminent demise. And, learn how to spell Mallorca. Last ever comment. Goodbye.


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

Back to normal? In June or July? What planet are you on? I'm ever the optimist but that's just nonsense. Look at what's going on everywhere. Hopefully there'll be the beginnings of a recovery but certainly not back to normal. Try 2021 or even 2022. And rather than looking for normal, wouldn't this be an opportunity for Mallorca to really stake a claim for a new version of tourism? They've talked enough about sustainability, here's a chance to reset the model. No, hold on. What planet am I on?


Roger / Hace about 1 year

Optimism is great but can lead to false promises. Realism must be the imperative. Your publication, and the Balearic government, still appear to have an unrealistic expectation of the revitalisation of tourism here in Mallorca. There are very many factors that will influence the return of the tourism sector. The various tourism authorities would be far better spending their time considering possible/potential market repositioning and segmentation rather than rushing to get any tourist back at any price. If that happens then certainly Mallorca tourism will never the be the same again - differentiation is always better than discounting!... and other articles published herein point to that fact that our competitiveness is based on product not price...and international tourism advisory is my business not just my opinion!


B.Rowe. / Hace about 1 year

On the 31st January 2020 Coronavirus was confirmed to have reached Spain, since then there has been a slow but steady growth of the virus throughout the country.

We now stand 93 days later and the deaths rates per day have now stepped up, today another 84 to 950 from 864 the highest peak so far, this shows so far no signs of slowing down.

Now if it has taken 93 days so far why would we expect it to disappear quicker than it came, currently it shows it is out of control and once the peak has been reached we would expect a steady decline.

The next thing to consider is when will the whole of Europe be free from the virus, if we consider that in Tenerife an Italian doctor from Lombardy spread the disease then obviously other countries play a big part in people's decisions to travel. Remember that the disease started in China.

Even if by some miracle the UK and Spain became virus free we all travel through airports where we can pick up or pass on any virus. If we consider 3 months to clear the virus this would take us to the beginning of July and what if other countries still have the virus.

I think it could be some time before people have the confidence to travel yet alone be able to afford the luxury of a holiday.

So 4-5 months down the road will we remember the Council of Majorca's campaign and would we be looking to go abroad in August or September, I think the horse has bolted, let's close the stable door and forget about it for now.


Brian Emery / Hace about 1 year

This year may be lost as far as holidays go because of the fear of a reoccurrence of the virus, and rightly so, That said the financial implications of the virus may mean the price of overseas holidays will have to fall drastically to entice holidaymakers back. A lot of people will have been hit hard financially and holidays may no longer top their priorities for the next few years as they try to get back on their feet. So tourism may not be the same for years to come.


Donnie Gillies / Hace about 1 year

I agree Jason, if the Medical experts and Scientists in Spain and UK deem that travel to the Balearics is safe for all I'll be there. We'll miss our May break but very hopeful that our August holiday will go ahead in the Son Matias


Livewarp / Hace about 1 year

Ha ha, and where do you hope the tourists will come from? When will you deem it safe to take your family to a hotel in a foreign country, go swimming in a swimming pool? This season is already cancelled, come on Jason, get real!


James Radcliffe / Hace about 1 year

Mr Moore, you don’t seem to be aware about the severity of the situation and that which the global economy is facing. When or if this is over, my opinion is that foreign travel and holidays will be the last thing on people’s minds. Hopefully I am wrong.