THE BBC is in big trouble. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is looking at the way the state broadcaster is funded and big changes could be on the horizon. If the licence fee is cut or reduced then it could have to stand on its own two feet in a very competitive marketplace. But the BBC doesn´t do itself any favours.

Millions of Britons are in lockdown at home along with thousands across Europe. You would have thought that people would be watching more television than ever before but the BBC is keeping to its pre-lockdown TV schedules. No special films or programmes to make the stay at home easier; no special learning programmes for children etc.

Why hasn´t the BBC risen to the challenge and shown that it is a vital part of British life? Other networks are enjoying fantastic levels of growth and you can see why more people are turning away from the more traditional channels. It is a great shame, really. The British public need and want to be entertained but unfortunately they are being left shortchanged. Surely the BBC could have a box-office hit every day?

Like everything else they will be a pre-coronavirus life and an after coronavirus life and just like internet shopping the face of television and broadcast entertainment is going to continue to change. The BBC is going to have to change as well. It can no longer rely on a loyal viewing audience. These days, viewers want to watch what they want to watch at the time they want to watch it!


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MelB / Hace about 1 year

Well said John Párkinson. Why this man still holds the position of editor is a mystery to me.


Fred / Hace about 1 year

Perhaps scrap everything relating to the License. Introduce Commercial Adverts for revenue.


John Parkinson / Hace about 1 year

Don’t know if Jason insensitive or plain thick! We are concerned about the news not just from the BBC but other channels to keep us informed about the pandemic which will certainly get worse .Your comparison to internet shopping sums you up. A pathetic disgrace to journalism.


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

You have obviously not heard of the BBC iPlayer Jason. Or Britbox for that matter. Viewing habits have changed significantly and cosying down to watch a programme at a set time isn’t the norm any more. The Beeb may seem a bit old at times and you are right about the threat to the licence fee and the BBC charter, but your argument about viewing is from an old standpoint too.