The Spanish-based costume company Peris Costumes, which worked on hit TV drama Chernobyl, is donating its collection of face masks and other stock to help key workers in the efforts to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Apart from being a brilliant move, how ironic is that?

The masks and protective costumes made for the multi award-winning TV series about the worst ever nuclear accident in history are now being used to help fight a very real pandemic and other TV and movie costume design manufacturers have followed suit.

Another is in Sweden and is using its skills and machinery to produce masks and protective clothing.

With filming all but brought to a halt across the world, the billion-euro industry is thinking out of the box.

No more super heroes are being developed right now, just the vital equipment the real human heroes need to fight the virus. Even though the industry is reeling, opportunities for good abound. Medical shows, of which there are decidedly many, have been donating their masks, gloves, and other real medical PPE to hospitals in their production areas. Holby City, for example, has handed over much of its hospital equipment to the NHS. It’s a script I bet no one thought of writing, but it’s a real life blockbuster of an idea which will triumph.


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