Some of the countries which have been worse hit by the coronavirus are members of the European Union. But there has been no joint European Union action against the virus; infact member states have acted alone taking measures in the national interest.

You would have thought that the European Union would have produced a common strategy for all states. If it did, no-one was listening. In the end most countries adopted the same measures; lockdown, non-essential businesses closed etc, but the EU was not even consulted. The Schengen Treaty on border free travel was quickly abandoned as countries closed their borders. The European Union does appear to have a role in the post-Coronavirus aid package but there has been little or no agreement between member states.

It is a rather odd situation, as Britain prepared to leave the European Union it appeared that EU states were becoming closer. At the moment I don't think they could be further apart. Now, obviously they will be a return to normality once the coronavirus crisis has eased but the future of the EU could ve in doubt. The biggest crisis in recent European history and the EU is on the sidelines.

Also, Brexit will soon be back on the agenda and no-one can say that the European Union is in good shape. If the EU wants a role then it should start planning how it is going to deal with the aftermath of the coronavirus crisis and help get member states back on their feet.


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John Parkinson / Hace about 1 year

The UKwill have hopefully learned a lot from our mistakes in this pandemic. Unfortunately I do not think the EU will as it obviously split and no leadership. Bet they cannot wait for it to be over then all the EU members can get back on the gravy train. Yes Brexit will be back on the agenda but thankfully after this EU shambles ,we,the U.K. will tell the EU what,how and when we are to do things. Which country will be the first to break away?


S. / Hace about 1 year

@Rosemary 👏🏻👏🏻 I would add another of the editor’s favourites “You would have thought”...!


MelB / Hace about 1 year

This man puts no thought whatsoever into his editorials. I have noticed that of late the articles have been posted in the late afternoon, perhaps to limit the amount of adverse comment that they deserve.


Mike / Hace about 1 year

Rosemary well said , it’s the same when you see all the supposedly well educated STARTING A SENTENCE WITH SO


Brett Dennis / Hace about 1 year

As a self-fulfilling bureaucracy, the EU has been found out for what it is!


Rosemary / Hace about 1 year

Please stop starting your sentences with “Now”. Thank you.


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

Jason, very poorly written article, you have not done much homework. Each country has its own responsibility and vision about how to deal with the crisis. I.e. Sweden took a totally different route as most countries and some countries were much less affected than others, i.e. Greece. The true role of the EU will start after this Covid-19 crisis, when countries will try and rebuild their economies. The EU recently launched an initial 500 billion euro rescue plan. And this is only a first stepThe EU is nothing more or less than the heads of states want it to be in the end. It is not a federal government like the USA.