Judging by social media, millions of us have spent the past six weeks either keeping fit or getting fit, but in the confinement of our apartments, gardens or roof tops or making the most of a daily routine of nipping to the bins or to purchase essential items.

That said, since Sunday’s easing of restrictions on children being allowed out for an hour, I’ve spotted some parents having to suddenly lurch into rapid reaction mode to catch up with their kids zooming away on roller blades, bicycles or scooters.

Come Saturday however, grown ups without children will be allowed out to either walk, jog or cycle, within restricted distances and times. As a keen cyclist I doubt I will be granted the distance nor time I usually enjoy, plus Bellver Castle park will remain closed - no hill climbs within my zone.

So, it’s out with the running shoes and I hate jogging. It’s the only sport or exercise I’ve never enjoyed but needs must and I am sure many others will be in the same boat after six weeks of near home arrest.

And it’s going to be great, air pollution has never been lower for decades, there are much fewer cars on the roads and we’ve got a mini heat wave coming - the decision could not have been timed better. The sense of freedom is going to lift the spirits of the country no end, although beating this virus is not going to be a sprint, it’s going to be a marathon, so pace yourselves.


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