How many blokes does it take to put up a fence? One to make a hole, two to drive posts into the ground, and a fourth to hang around seemingly not doing a great deal.

I’ve been watching these blokes putting up this fence. For reasons best known to the hotel that wants this fence, work on it was suspended over a year ago. There was roughly a third of a fence. The remaining two-thirds are now required. For what, you may well ask.

Why the renewed urgency for this fence? To fence in holidaymakers? But urgency? When are the holidaymakers coming?

There is also the nature of the work. The four blokes are operating in close proximity. It does indeed take two to drive the posts into the ground. That means two blokes holding the same post, right next to each other, while the other two maintain close observation. Zero social distancing, not a mask to be seen, not a pair of gloves to be seen.

When non-essential activities resumed earlier this month, various protocols were announced, such as the wearing of masks. A manual for best practice was published, and that - as far as I’m aware - was it. So you have a situation with the fence, and it certainly won’t be an isolated one, where any number of people stuck inside, observing social distancing, can also observe what’s going on and wonder how it can be going on. A manual for best practice clearly isn’t sufficient.